At Mayk Music, you will find a unique & warm studio set-up on top of a mountain in a house that looks something between a big loft and a space ship. We have everything to mike up and record a whole live band, which is one of the strength’s of the studio.

We are running on ProTools 11 with a mac, and there's also a Radar 24 that has fantastic converters, and is awesome to track a live band with.

​The console at the studio is a vintage Harrison 4032, only 1500 of them worldwide. 
The exact same model was used on records from Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Genesis, Queen, ELO to Rolling Stones. 

As far as the microphones go, there’s a Neuman M147 tube Mike which sounds great on vocals, guitar and nearly everything. We have a couple of Neuman KM 184s for piano,acoustic gtr, strings, percs, overheads.. a few Sennheiser 421s and, quite a few other Sennheiser microphones. A few AKG condenser microphones. We have a shure 57, 58 and also the Beta 57, Beta 58 and the classic SM7.

​We have a stereo Requisite Audio compressor which is awesome on many things and incredible on the stereo bus.
There’s the millennia stereo compressor which is incredibly smooth, and the Italian made Bellari tube compressors that have a lot of character. A Dolby stereo frequency compressor and a few DBX de-essers. 

​For monitoring we got the classic Yamaha NS10’s, also the Yamaha MSP 5’s which are great, and finally the JBL LSR series 3 way speakers with the 15 inch sub ! These speakers have an incredible amount of detail !

There’s a wonderful upright piano that sounds Godly, Yamaha drums, great gtr amps like Fender Deville, super champ, Bassman 69, a dan electro 55, Marshall cab, Boogie cab, a Trainer 70’s PA, etc..


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